Cost of Concrete Coating


What Is The Most Affordable Flooring Option?

It may seem on the face of it that polyurea polyaspartic floor coating is the more expensive option. However, when you compare features and longevity, it comes out to be the most affordable solution in almost every case.

15 year cost comparison

15 Year Comparison Of Garage Flooring Options

Cost over 5, 10, and 15 years assumes you will need to replace the flooring because it has exceeded its life span. The cost to replace the floor increases the amount per square foot you will pay in total for that period of time. Polyurea will easily last 15 years, so there is no cost for replacement.

Important Considerations

What Will My Concrete Coating Project Cost?

We’ve provided the information below so you can get an idea of what to expect your concrete coating project to cost. Please keep in mind these prices are estimates. We will give a quote after a physical review of your project. Project pricing will be affected by the five cost factors of concrete coating.

measuring tape on floor

Square Footage

Concrete coating projects are generally priced per square foot (PSF). This base price is determined by the size of your project floor and increases with additions or customizations. 

materials for flooring


Our polyurea concrete coating is the strongest and most durable form of polyurea. It differs from competitors who offer epoxy or other polyureas.

crack in floor

Condition Of Existing Floor

Factors of your current flooring, such as cracks, previous sealers, hardness, and moisture content can affect your project's price.

surface preparation

Surface Preparation

Our unique preparation process is a key factor in our high-quality outcomes. You should request an explanation of other contractors' preparation processes to ensure you make a like-for-like comparison.

flooring add ons

Add Ons & Customizations

Our concrete floor coating solution offers logos, patterns, special colors, glitter, and many other options. These add ons increase the cost of your project.

square footage price per square foot range

Price Per Square Foot Example

Add Ons & Customizations

Concrete Coating Add Ons

Below are common add ons available and how they will impact the price of your project.

color options for epoxy flooring

Color Options

Our concrete coating comes in a variety of colors. You can also create a custom color combination and add neon color chips.

Custom Color - $300 Flat Fee
Neo Chips - $450 Flat Fee

man slip and fall

Slip Resistance

For extra protection, we can add additional slip resistance properties to your polyurea polyaspartic coating. This small impact in price can significantly affect your space, especially for pool decks or home work out areas.

These additives vary from $0.25 - $0.50 per square foot, depending on the level of slip resistance you are looking for.

seamless flooring

Seamless Floors

The concrete coating will feature seams where the different slabs of concrete meet. A joint filler can fill those seams giving your floor an endlessly smooth look.

$16.50 per linear foot

flooring add ons

Logos, Patterns And Glitter

Other customization options include specific chip patterns, logos, or glitter addition to chips. These options often require an additional day of labor.


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