Cleveland, Ohio

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Cleveland, Ohio

The waterfront city of Cleveland, Ohio, is known for many facets of history, arts, sports, and food culture. The historic Public Square and surrounding area contain star attractions within walking distance, like the Cleveland House of Blues and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Cleveland’s role in the history of rock music became legendary when a local radio disc jockey, Alan Freed, was the first to use the term “rock and roll". The city also claims to have hosted the country’s first rock and roll concert in 1952.

The city is home to many passionate sports fans. Steps away from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is the city’s lakefront football stadium, where you can cheer with the locals for the Browns. A short walk up the street along the Cuyahoga River is the home of the Cavaliers, who became famous for having one of the longest droughts in NBA history after not winning a championship for 52 years, which they broke out of in 2016.

The diverse food scene here supports a mouth-watering variety of cuisines and restaurants. The West Side Market, established in 1912, is an excellent place to grab some food on the go and has been recognized as one of the “10 Great Public Places in America." If you have spent a long day exploring the city, one must-try local food is the Polish Boy - a kielbasa sausage in a bun piled high with coleslaw and French fries. To accompany this, you might consider a beer sourced from the city’s vibrant craft-brewery scene, which ranks fifth in overall production in the US. Try one yourself at Cleveland’s own Great Lakes Brewing Co., founded in 1988. 

With an abundance of parks bordering the Lake Erie shoreline, nature is an integral part of Cleveland’s culture. However, this proximity to the Great Lakes also makes for abundant cloudy days and an exceptionally harsh and snowy winter season. Cleveland ranked as the 4th gloomiest (overcast, not sad) city among the top 50 largest metro areas in the US, based on overall cloud cover, average daylight hours, and precipitation. The often wet conditions and long, harsh winters are some of the reasons that our clients prioritize extending their living spaces. Having a functional garage to keep lawn equipment and vehicles out of the elements and store wet, salty, and muddy gear without tracking it into the house is an essential part of making the most of your living space in our Cleveland climate.

Adding a Cleveland Concrete Coating in your garage is an excellent way to increase the utility of your space by creating an easy to clean surface for projects, games, and storing outdoor gear and equipment. Our polyurea polyaspartic coatings make a wonderful addition to kitchensbasements and patios and are superb protection for concrete surfaces. They are readily swept or washed, keeping the mess out of the house, and saving you time to do the things Cleveland is famous for. Contact us today to set up a consultation. 

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