Home Improvements That Increase Property Value

What Improvements Bring The Most Value To Your Home?

Are you looking for ways to increase the value of your home? If so, now is the right time for a home improvement project. Not only are we spending more time in our homes these days, but they have also become our sanctuaries, our centers for socialization, our safe places, and for many of us, even our workplaces. It’s instinctive to want your home to be as comfortable, appealing, and accommodating as possible. What better way to fulfill those needs than with a project that increases your home’s value? Best of all, if you are interested in selling, even a minor change can yield a significant profit. Whether you enjoy that profit now, or pass that on as your family’s legacy, it’s a win-win for everyone because your enjoyment of that improvement starts on day one. So, if you’re looking for ideas on home upgrades that add value, then you’re in the right place.

Modernize Your Landscaping

A key factor in increasing your home’s value is curb appeal, and nothing achieves that more efficiently than adding to or improving the landscaping. Your home’s outward appearance is the first thing a prospective buyer notices about your house. If they don’t like what they see outside, they may have little interest in ever seeing the inside.

Your lawn and surrounding vegetation are certainly important considerations. Still, your driveway and walkways are even more critical, which are more permanent elements of your home’s landscape than the ever-changing greenery. Our recommendation: make sure your driveway and walkways are in excellent shape and pleasing to look at. Concrete is far superior to other choices and will give you an exceptional return on your investment. To retain the maximum value, a polyurea polyaspartic concrete coating protects the concrete from everyday use, and the worst mother nature has to offer, including UV rays and freeze-thaw cycles.

yellow and red flowers in garden bed

Add, Update, Or Expand A Patio

A patio is something your family will endlessly utilize and potential buyers are looking for. A patio increases your functional space by extending your living area—a place where you can socialize, dine and relax while enjoying the added benefits of being outdoors. It’s no wonder that this type of home upgrade can yield as high as an 80% ROI. The material choices are many, from stone, brick, and wood to our favorite modern substrate once again—concrete.

Our concrete patio coating can take your patio from humdrum to spectacular—and the return on your investment can be as high as your enjoyment of your updated outdoor space. If it’s your forever home, it is a coating that will last a lifetime.

white and brown outside furniture on patio

Update Your Kitchen

Kitchen functionality goes a long way towards increasing value. Are your appliances newer or older? A buyer is looking for what the latest technology has to offer, so even if your old appliances are still running just fine, consider replacing them with newer models.

The same holds true for your countertops, cabinets, and, most importantly, your flooring. Not only does a new kitchen floor surface improve value significantly, but it can instantly freshen up the look of the room, even without other changes. The flexibility of polyurea polyaspartic concrete coating makes it easier to work over a hot stove by taking the stress off the lower back.

subway tiled kitchen with white cabinets and brown shelves

Modernize Your Basement

Your basement is likely the most underused space in the house. Let’s face it; nobody likes spending time in a drafty, dank, drab basement, even if it’s just to fetch a tool or do some laundry. The basement is the perfect place to add another bedroom, storage room, home office, rec room, workshop, theater, bar, or exercise area to bulk up your home’s value. And don’t overlook the flooring, one of the best ways to improve the look of your basement and its efficiency.

Our basement floor coating is pleasing to the eye and helps control humidity, adds to your home’s structural stability, and decreases heat loss. By finishing your basement or making improvements to its surfaces and appearance, you’ll add value and functionality and create a space that your family can more fully utilize and enjoy.

basement flooring with white walls

Update Your Garage

Next, we turn our attention to a room you frequently use that gets its fair share of physical abuse: your garage. Keeping it clean and organized is an ongoing effort, but there are ways to improve your garage that add value, functionality, efficiency, and beauty.

Start decluttering the space by adding more storage with shelving, racks, bins, hooks, and cabinets. Add a counter or table that can serve as a workspace. Lastly, modernize the floor (concrete is best) and ensure you also have proper drainage. The surface is impermeable and cleans up quickly with a hose. Once our garage floor coating is added, there is no need to worry about leaking fluids and oils from your car.

gray car with trunk open inside garage

Other Ways To Improve Property Value

There are undoubtedly many other ways to improve your home’s value that we have not yet mentioned. A fresh coat of paint can transform and modernize the look of your house. You could replace the siding or add a stone façade. Other great ideas include adding an element such as a pond, a pool, or a fire pit, everyone’s favorite outdoor gathering spot. You can also replace doors, windows, lighting, and roofing. But overall, you may have noticed a recurrent element in many of our home improvement recommendations above: concrete.

Concrete is a terrific choice for many different projects, as popular as it is timeless and the number one choice of materials for discerning homeowners. Polyurea polyaspartic concrete coatings are an exciting way to protect the substrate while expressing your own creative style. Simply put, concrete makes everything better. So, if you want to drive up the value of your home, look down. If you make just one home upgrade, make it your floors and concrete.

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